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Vaxis Storm 3000

Wireless video  transmission system Vaxis Storm 3000 can transfer signals up to 1 Km distance range without lost. Device is  offering video operations in field easier and reliable.


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  • Combined the battery mount and case, builded stronger and lighter body.
  • Device designed  embedded interface, integrated 35mm smart cooling fan that allows long working time at hot environment.
  • Smart designed new ports protects connections
  • 20 transmission channels supports many device operations at same area together.
  • Antenna protection covers reduce consuption
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  • Distance: 1000m
  • Delayed: 0S
  • TX Interface: SDI input(BNC female)/ SDI loopout/HDMI input
  • RX Interface: SDI output*2(BNC female) HDMI output*1

Vaxis Storm 3000+ range test