128Gbps Bandwidth – PCIe Gen3 x16

The Netstor NA255A GPU enclosure implements the latest PCIe 3.0 technology and PCIe Gen3 16-lane host interface with throughput 8Gbps per lane, offering blazing-fast data transfer rates up to 128Gbps between host and expansion enclosure, dedicated for GPU-accelerated applications.

Up to 4 Dual-Width GPU Cards

The GPU enclosure is designed to have 4 PCIe x16 slots (x8 electrical)1 on NA255A backplane supporting up to 4 double-width PCIe Gen3 GPU cards, or single-slot PCIe cards. In addition, the enclosure can accommodate all combinations of PCIe 3.0 ×1, ×4, ×8 and ×16 GPU/PCIe cards for every application with backward compatibility for Gen2 cards to work with host, server or workstation in areas such as HPC, telecom, and data centers.

1 Netstor is dedicated to providing high C/P value GPU enclosure solution. According to graphics experts’ test, there will be only 1% GPU performance difference when GPU card is installed in between PCIe x8 and x16 electrical. Please refer to AnandTech and TechPowerUp.

Great Sufficient Powering

1200 W




6+2 pin

PCI-E cables

Dedicated 1200W PSU for
GPU Application

Newest high-end or enthusiast GPU cards generally require high power wattage for work; considering the hi-power requirement aspect, Netstor has considerately planned a dedicated, high-efficient 1200W power supply unit in the GPU enclosure to allow up to 4 high-performing graphics cards to process with top reliability and stability.

Supplementary 6+2 pin
PCI-E Power Cables

Netstor NA255A GPU enclosure has been thoughtfully designed to provide extra PCI-E power cables to meet each GPU card’s supplementary power requirement. Furthermore, any combinations of 6-pin and 8-pin PCI-E power connectors on every graphics card are supported by NA255A.

High-Performance Computing

Traditional host computer or workstation only has CPU and regular GPU to work with professional applications. However, these conventional data processors cannot even provide a higher processing to meet modern working demands. Hence, by adding the Netstor NA255A GPU enclosure with up to four high-end GPU cards to your host/workstation can let your conventional host computer turn into a supercomputing or high-performance computing workstation.

DaVinci Resolve

Netstor NA255A offers a complete solution for working with Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, the world’s most advanced color grading tools. The NA255A GPU enclosure does also provide a high-performance processing to the host system for the colorist team and studios in the video editing and post-production industry. All in all, NA255A is the ideal solution for real-time, 4K/Ultra HD color correction in one package.

Data Science

Increasing number of data scientists are using multiple high-end graphics cards in Netstor GPU enclosure for large data analytics to make better and real-time business decisions. Typical application case in big data analytics includes machine learning, deep learning, search, and sorting.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging takes the advantage of multi-GPU computing to get acceleration. Common use case in medical imaging covers accelerating Advanced MRI Reconstruction and Computed Tomography (CT) Reconstruction. The use of multiple high-end graphics card with Netstor GPU enclosure in this field is matured and there have been many such applications in the medical area.

Numerical Analytics

Professionals can use specialized tools such as MATLAB, Mathematica, and LabView…etc. through the utilization of multi graphics cards in Netstor GPU enclosure for accelerating the numerical analytics computing. Reliable statistics show computing capability of multi-GPU is more than ten times faster than CPU alone.

Extra Graphics Card Holders

In view of some high-performance GPU card with card length up to 30 cm or so, due to card’s heavier weight and longer length, a special graphics card holder has been deliberately designed close to each PCIe slot for holding the large, heavy GPU card thoroughly and reliably within the NA255A enclosure.

Convenient Adjustable Fan Speeds

NA255A is equipped with two front large 12×12 cm cooling fan modules with each fan in support of 75 CFM, providing best airflow ventilation to enclosure for most excellent heat dissipation ever, and ensuring graphics cards within chassis can run long term without any high temp concern. Moreover, the fan speed of each cooling fan can be adjusted manually according to GPUs application situation within NA255A GPU chassis.

Perfect Graphics Cards Compatibility

The Nvidia and AMD GPU cards that are compatible and work greatly with Netstor NA255A enclosure include Nvidia GeForce 10 / 900 series, Quadro P6000 / M6000 series and AMD Radeon RX, R9 series, FirePro W9100 / 9000 series.

TITAN Xp GP100 RX 580 WX 7100
TITAN X (Pascal) P6000 RX 570 WX 5100
GTX 1080 Ti P5000 RX 480 WX 4100
GTX 1080 M6000 RX 470 W9100
GTX 1070 M5000 R9 Fury X W9000
GTX TITAN X M4000 R9 Nano W8100
GTX 980 Ti K6000 R9 390X W8000
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Form Factor Desktop
Host Interface Up to 128Gb/s external PCIe 3.0 x16
No. of Slot 4* PCI Express 3.0 x8 (x16 connector)
Card Length Available Supports full length,full height PCI Express Cards
LED Display for Enclosure Power-On LED – Blue
FAN normal – green; Fan failure – Red
TEMP normal – green; TEMP Over 55°C – red
Cooling Front: two 120x120x25 mm cooling fans
75 CFM each fan @ full speed
Alarm Buzzer beeping for fan failure or over temperature (over 55°C) occurs
Material Solid metal structure with aluminum housing
Power Supply Model : NA255A-XGPU
Universal Single 1200W (High-Efficiency & Low Noise)
Input: 90~230 VAC/50-60 HZ
12V @ 100A
(Note: 1300W peak power @ 12 seconds)
Dimension 450 (D) x 175.8 (W) x 374 (H) mm
17.7 (D) x 6.9 (W) x 14.7 (H) inch
O.S. support OS Independent
Host Requirement One PCIe 3.0 x16 slot and system has sufficient PCIe resources
1. The tower MacPro under 10.9 Mavericks and 10.10 Yosemite only supports up to 2 nVidia GPU cards.
2. Now the tower MacPro under 10.11 El Capitan is able to support up to 3 nVidia GPU cards again.
Package Content Enclosure x 1
PCIe 3.0 x16 host adapter card x 1
PCIe 3.0 x8 cable(1.5 meter) x 2
Power Cord x 1


Model No. Description
NA255A-XGPU Desktop PCIe Gen3 Expansion Enclosure, 1200W Single Power Supply with extra 4* PCIe power connectors 6+2 pin & 4* PCIe 6 pin for up to 4 double width GPU cards, with one PCIe Gen3 x16 host adapter and two PCIe x8 cables
NP970A-H Extra PCIe Gen3 x16 Host Adapter(full height & half Length)
AAML6815 Extra PCIe 3.0 x8 cable length in 1.5 meter
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