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Teleste Optimo Transcoder

Teleste Optimo is a carrier-class, high-density transcoder for Cable TV, broadcast IPTV and OTT applications. It provides leading video quality and unmatched bandwidth efficiency combined with an unlimited output capacity and scalability.


More streams. Best quality. Choose both.

The Teleste Optimo provides a compact carrier-class solution for multi-screen video transcoding plus Internet and mobile video streaming. It is a unified platform for a wide array of advanced video processing applications and it transcodes from any input resolution to any output resolution while maintaining the precise ratio of quality to bit rate. One input stream can be converted to multiple output streams with unlimited resolutions and bit rates. This is all done with unparalleled efficiency and service reliability.

Amazing experience on every screen

The Teleste Optimo supports for any type of resolution video transcoding and codec audio transcoding. Adaptive streaming guarantees that viewers will enjoy uncompromised video quality, even in cases involving sudden changes in the network throughput. Uniquely, all the resolutions required for the multi- screen service are available at the same time from a single platform. It gives operators unprecedented amounts of scalability, flexibility and reliability and it is future-proofed to provide advanced video services for current and next- generation consumer devices.

The unified platform does it all

The Teleste Optimo is a single unified platform for a wide array of advanced video processing applications. Rate-clamping, multi-codec transcoding, real-time and offline file processing, multi-rate, multi-resolution, multi-screen stream adaptation, IP aggregation and other software applications can all be loaded onto the same unified hardware infrastructure.

Flexibility for your benefit

Varying needs demand different solutions. Saving bandwidth or downscaling HD content to SD require efficient transcoding, whereas OTT and multi-screen services demand fragmenting and streaming.  Depending on the needs of the user, systems attempt to cover both transcoding and OTT or just transcoding. Furthermore, it is not uncommon that some system components exist already – and no-one needs duplicates.

From a system point-of-view, the Teleste Optimo offers unparalleled flexibility because the product’s architecture allows for separate transcoding and OTT servers. The transcoding server can be complemented with the OTT server when multi-screen delivery is needed. This enables the Teleste Optimo to fit the needs of individual IPTV and cable TV operator in a cost-effective manner; it can also be integrated with any content delivery network (CDN) already having existing streaming servers.

Be proactive with quality assurance

Signals received at the video headend can be corrupted in their transmission from the broadcaster and/or programmer. These errors can appear as a dis-coloration of a macroblock, as a “tear” in the video frame or as stuttering due to lost frames. These quality issues can greatly affect a subscriber’s service experience and should be proactively addressed and corrected before they reach the subscriber.

The Teleste Optimo leverages its unique architecture to repair corrupted input blocks, slices or frames by borrowing or interpolating the profile of the corrupted or missing data from surrounding information. Data from spatially (within the frame) or temporally (between frames) adjacent images are used to repair the corruption, such that the output video has a higher QoE than the input video.

Product Brand

  • MPEG2  / H.264 / SD / HD
  • High density
  • Best of software and hardware
  • Video quality assurance
  • One input to multiple bit rates and resolutions
  • Adaptive streaming