Project Description

Archiving Solutions for Individual Requirements

All industries and all sectors are faced with the question of archiving digital data material – and finding the right solution. The answer depends on several factors. The size of the system installation, tape automation with digital tapes or hard-drive-based NAS storage solutions, permanent or temporary archiving, memory capacities, data types, and much more.

Can your archiving system meet all these requirements? Is it cost-efficient and energy-efficient? Does it have secure storage media, virus protection, and reliable long-term storage solutions? Can it digitize, store, recycle, and re-use 13/15 mm film and tape material? Can it be linked to an overarching MAM system? Is this planned or was this already implemented?

These and other questions should preferably be discussed with an experienced partner like BFE. We have extensive expertise in the design, implementation, and support of digital archives. We know which system and network configurations are needed in each case. We are used to handling large data volumes, and can ensure fast backup to digital archives, as well as fast retrieval (back-up/restore).

Benefit from our BFE Professional Services to optimize your archive: Planning, implementation, and service are performed in-house. We purchase the hardware and software suited to your specific requirements.

We focus on product neutrality, maximum quality, and optimum longevity, timing, and costs.

Our range of services includes:

  • Consulting, planning, implementation, and service
  • Hardware
    • Tape automation
    • Servers
  • Software
    • Archive middleware software
  • Linking to overarching Media Asset Management solutions (MAM)
    • Storage management (HSM = Hierarchical Storage Management)
    • Overarching MAM systems for easier researching/retrieval of archived data/content

Applied technology/products:

  • Archive middleware software
  • Nearline/offline archive storage solutions
    • Large system installations: e.g., using tape automation with digital data tapes
    • Small system installations: e.g., with hard-drive-based NAS storage solutions
    • Offline storage solutions

Contact us – we will be happy to advise you.