||Project of the Month: Dogus Media Groups

Project of the Month: Dogus Media Groups

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Interview with Baran Bilisim General Manager Fırat Güneyi on 149th issue of Broadcasterinfo dated March 2017

Interviewed both the system integrator company and the company officials who were in charge of operating the project. In this part of our conversation, we got information about the details of the project from the project integrator Baran Bilişim General Manager Fırat Güneyi.

1 Name of the Project: Doguş Media Group Transformation Project

2 Purpose: The “MAM, News and Publication Automation” systems, which have been developed and used internally in the long term, are being replaced with world standard systems.

3 Scope: Arvato VPMS MAM, Annova Open Media news automation and Harmonic Polaris broadcast automation systems to integrate with existing systems, defining new workflows and configure systems accordingly

4 Project Integrator: Baran Bilişim Teknolojileri Elektronik Yayıncılık İthalat İhracat Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi

Start Time of Project: We have been discussing this project with Dogus Yayın Grubu since 2013. In 2015 we found opportunity again with Barış Özbey’s become CTO. We agreed with the products at 2015 IBC and signed the contract in November 2015. The first equipment was delivered on December 2015. It’s probably not wrong to say that December 2015 for the start time.

6 Project Finish Time: The first broadcast test has been done in September 2016 with Kral World, and in November 2016, Kral Pop began broadcasting 7/24 from the new system. In February 2017, NTV and NTV Sports started broadcasting through our new system. The conversion of other channels is still ongoing.

Technical Specifications: Video feeds are coming trough Live/Recorded via contracted with agencies etc. or in house production departments, these are fully integrated with workflow management system and run on international standarts.

To explain the “Fully Integrated” statement; All the processes necessary for ingesting, editing, publishing, archiving and reusing of images in targeted publishing are dynamic, disciplined and stable operations.

Products and capabilities described below for this project.

The project has been created with new generation products of sector-leading brands that can be fully integrated with each other, as preferred by the leading publishing companies of the world, while preserving existing hardware investments with small revisions.

Harmonic (Omneon), Arvato, Annova, Pepple Beach System, Telestream and Adobe products are provided to work with a harmony for the targeted broadcasting quality and integrated working system. By this means, everything from institutionalism to business pleasure can be regenerated.

Ingested data (video / audio) can be edited in Adobe Premiere editing sets in “9 seconds” as well as reporter, programmer, etc. who do not use editing software but need cut-editing application, the staff can also do Arvato’s VPMS Media Center application for Low-Res or Hi-Res editing if desired.

In particular, installers editing with Adobe Premiere on Low Res can access the results in Hi-Res with the render farm created in the build.This prevents time and effort spending for renewing equipments for every year.“Slow” named and tagged editing setups become history indeed they are renewing annually.

The video files created while ingest process running can be sent via Open Media news automation or via the VPMS Media Center interface directly.All videos transferred to the system are automatically created by VPMS with Low-Res version. In this way, users can browse, read, view keyframes, enter new metadata via web browser (Explorer, Firefox etc.) independent from location.

Users can complete edit process with created Low-Res videos Through VPMS EditMate without overloading or not related with hardware limitations
This is possible because all render operations are done on the back-end and scalable servers.In addition, all ingested video in the system can be sent to various predefined workflow processes.

In this way, for example, a video can be sent both directly to air and internet (website, Youtube, Facebook, etc.) simultaneously.

News automation and broadcast automation are able to use any file ingested in the MAM system immediately.

In-house developed broadcast workflow software, MAM and ad-reservation software Maestro, enabling operators to prepare broadcast workflows. While the broadcast streams are being prepared, the related “Secondary Events” are also integrated into the broadcast workflow. In this way, logo changes, KJ and other graphical operations are automatically triggered by the broadcast automation software Polaris during broadcasting.

8 Manufacturers: Annova Open Media in news automation, Arvato VPMS, EditMate and ClipJOKEY, which belong to the MAM solution of Bertalsman Group. Harmonic’s Polaris Advance products and solutions were used in broadcast automation.

Installation phase: Process that starts immediately after the signing of the contract.We were at the meetings of Baran Bilişim project team and our workshops were held with the system engineers of the producer companies and Dogus Yayın Grubu project team.Project Team of Baran Bilişim leaded meetings and workshops with Dogus Media Group Team that they were created roadmap together.

In these meetings, the system structure, workflows and the necessary equipment were determined, and after the necessary equipment was provided, the installation was continued with the installation of the systems developed and designed.The first demo and test system was completed in August and test broadcasts started in September via the Kral World channel.
In the ongoing process, the solution of the problems encountered and the system changed and developed in line with the requests from Dogus have become fully ready for publication in November 2016.This installation period and simultaneous training process have been progressing intensive since August.

10 Initials of Turkish Broadcast of this Project: For the first time installation of Ingest to play-out; MAM(news automation system, broadcast automation system, advertisement booking, radio and web integration), MOS(Any modifications on news updated instantly) important innovation.

11 Benefits of Project: Providing central tracking of all videos ingested the system. The videos ingested the system can be distributed in different formats in the desired formats. Singularizing video formats. Central encoding/transcoding system. Proccess can be reported. Faster and singular video Production system. Optimized storage usage. Automated archiving process. Maximum usage of internet and mobile environment. Integration of cloud systems. Central monitoring, faster diagnostics. Open gate of new development and work flows.

12 Compability of future investments: The features of the installed systems greatly facilitate the installation of the “TV Facility Management” systems that are planned to be installed in the future. Data that can be collected from various points of system able to re-processing and re-creating new workflows which cannot be done at old system.

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