Demand for distance learning programs on media channels is booming, as schools around the world shut down their campuses because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The local EBS (Educational Broadcasting System) education broadcasting system, which is responsible for providing information and educational content to the public in South Korea, has rapidly transformed into a new digital classroom and accelerated education programs for preschool, primary and secondary education (K-12) students in the region.

By accessing the organization’s content on the EBS Learning YouTube Channel between 9 am and 12 am every day, the children continue to receive attention, inspiration and education until schools are reopened. Each live stream is supported by an AJA HELO H.264 stream and recording device. EBS, officially linked to KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), operates two terrestrial and four cable stations using four large studios and 16 e-learning studios.

EBS, which has been using AJA HELO in YouTube streams since 2019, decided to increase its facility in early 2020 and turned to invest in additional HELOs due to its positive experience with HELO. Enjoying the reliability and high-quality images of the device, EBS has extended its HELO integration to ten e-learning studios to support the website and live video streams to YouTube. Connected to the Sony PMWEX3 camera with wireless micro mux in each studio, AJA HELO is used to quickly and easily transfer live camera signals to YouTube.