Hollyland Technology, which produces wireless video and audio transmission systems for filmmaking and live broadcasting, offers MARS X wireless HDMI transmission system. This new generation solution stands out from traditional full transmitter and receiver wireless image transmission systems, with a single transmitter wireless image transmission system that turns tablets into external monitors with the HollyView App. The new MARS X in the MARS Series wireless transmission category for small teams and YouTube video makers is very portable and small in size, with a weight of 112 grams, foldable antennas, and a single HDMI IN input with 1080P support. It also offers comprehensive and practical features in wireless video and audio transmission. Since it can be carried easily, it provides an advantage in wireless video and audio transmission. It makes shooting in the studio more flexible

One to three

MARS X turns phones and tablets into external monitors. It supports APP monitoring with up to three iOS and Android devices. Small crews need an external monitor
without hearing it, it can lower costs.

Image and sound synchronization

MARS X offers a transmission distance of more than 90 meters when there is no obstacle in the field of view (LoS). Its best performance is 0.07 seconds at distances up to 45 meters. with very low latency. It is possible to switch between eight frequency channel options to avoid interference.

New application functions

Added Holly-View Apple firmware update and channel scan on MARS X. It will no longer be necessary to use a USB flash and a computer for the update. Channel scanning is usually a receiver feature, allowing users to find clean and interfering channels. Users no longer have to try channels individually. In addition, HollyView App is on an external monitor
It has all features such as Waveform, Histogram, Focus Assist, False Color, Zoom, 3D Lot, Screenshot, Doodle, Screen Record.

OLED screen

0.69 inch OLED screen; It displays information such as battery status, frequency channel, image format, and WiFi password.

Foldable antennas and multiple power supply

The folding of the antennas of MARS X increases the transmission performance when used with antennas, and provides portability and convenience while it is not antennae. According to a study by the Hollyland R&D team, the antennas last up to 1500 days if folded 20 times a day. The built-in lithium-ion battery delivered with the system further enhances the portability of the device. The life of the 1300 mA battery lasts 1.5 hours when the system is used without interruption. The Type-C (5V – 12V) interface on the device provides good charging. If users are using gimbals, it can also be charged while used on commonly used gimbals.