GbLabs launched their latest Analytics Centre which provides a dashboard that runs seamlessly in the background and analyses how the data from GB Labs’ storage is used, and then displays an easy to understand overview of customer network vitals, including network speed and data consumption.
The new version of Analytics Centre will give users as much visibility into their network as possible, both within the storage and beyond; in order to give users a better understanding of potential issues within their network usage and how they are consuming data.

We also launched our new CORE.4 and CORE.4 Lite OS which comes with an updated interface that delivers more performance, a brand new back-end, a larger range of features to help improve online workflows, Mosaic software (already available on the FastNAS range) and Spotlight search compatibility, created to help improve demanding, media centric workflows.

CORE.4 Lite software on the FastNAS range will gain bandwidth control and capacity quota’s; as well as additional dynamic expansion capability on the FastNAS F-16 and FastNAS F-16 Nitro. The new software will also help to support the latest version of NFS and SMB; as well as Mosaic.