AWS Elemental Cloud is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) built on AWS cloud infrastructure that enables video providers to rapidly deploy multiscreen offerings for live and on-demand content. The platform automatically provisions and dynamically scales any combination of AWS Elemental video processing, delivery, and storage services within a secure private network. The flexibility of AWS Elemental Cloud allows content programmers, broadcasters, pay TV operators and enterprise customers to quickly and easily create enriched video offerings.


Rapidly Deploy Services

Quickly create multiscreen offerings using cloud-based resources with the same high-quality video processing capabilities as on-premises equipment – without sacrificing performance or convenience.

Dynamically Scale Resources

Automatically scale resources to process and deliver broadcast quality video as demand fluctuates. Elastic processing can accommodate resource spikes resulting from an influx of demand for video assets or streaming of high-profile live events.

Mitigate Economic Risk

Create resilient workflows with virtual resources that only incur costs when used. Service redundancy in the cloud mitigates the expense and complexity of maintaining data centers in multiple geographies in case of crisis.


Flexible Architecture

Easily deploy and automatically scale virtual resources in a highly configurable manner, with complete control over workflow components, integration capabilities via powerful APIs, and dynamic load management functionality.

High Availability

Dynamic, multilayered resiliency mitigates the risk of failure and ensures uninterrupted video processing and delivery. The platform ensures the reliability of services with robust failover capabilities, physically distributed and resilient resources, and multiple geographic regions.

Uncompromised Security

AWS Elemental Cloud is built on autonomous deployments of dedicated resources for each customer. There is no external network exposure and no multitenant situations to compromise content. Access to video in the cloud is subject to user roles and restrictions without risk of data loss.


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